V.P. Lavorazioni Meccaniche was established in 2005 by its founders, Angelo and Bernardo Pea; who between them at that stage, had over 10 years experience in the mechanical and electronics fields.

The capitalisation of this solid background in the fields of industrial engineering, has made the Company a benchmark of excellence in the fields of turning and medium-to-heavy milling; able to offer domestic and international markets products of the highest quality, suitable for the most varied market sectors.

With its 3000 square metres of total floor area (of which 1800 square metres are under-cover), a technologically advanced machine shop, carefully-selected and highly qualified suppliers, together with an internal technical office that is able to assist each customers in a flexible and competent manner, V.P. Lavorazioni Meccaniche is able to respond both efficiently and effectively to the widest range of sub-contracted contracts, thereby guaranteeing in each situation, maximum quality of product, attention to specific requirements and on-time delivery.

The constant pursuit of high-performance solutions; and a solid background in the field of machining, allows V.P. Lavorazioni Meccaniche to offer its customers, both locally and internationally, a true partnership in the management of every phase of a project: from design to the selection of raw materials, from production process to transport.  Among these high- and value-added services to our clients, V.P. Lavorazioni Meccaniche specialises in the prototyping and in-house production of forgings, laminates, iron - and steel castings, applied to the most varied industrial applications; ensuring the highest technical and performance standards.

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