With over ten years experience in turning and milling, together with a constant attention into research for the best technical and technological solutions to respond with qualitative precision to the needs of international industrial markets, allows V.P. Lavorazioni Meccaniche (whose base is in Quinzano d’Oglio, near Brescia) to offer a range of services - which include in-house production and manufacturing - to a varied market sector as energy, oil & gas, naval, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, and of course, the medium-heavy mechanical sector.

V.P. Lavorazioni Meccaniche is therefore able to offer a range of products, characterised by high technical performance, plus a guarantee of careful selection of materials used and the best suppliers the market has to offer.

We offer the following in-house manufactured products:

Forged products up to 100 tons: bars, blocks, shafts, sleeves, shaped and closed-die forgings.
Rolled products up to six metres in diameter: rings, flanges, balls and sleeves.
Iron castings up to 100 tons,
Steel castings up to 100 tons.

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